Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My 15 minutes of fame!

Well, it's out and in mailboxes all over Hood River! What's that, you ask? Why, the Fall issue of Gorge Living, that's what! The creative entrepreunurial spirit known as Denise McCravey, broker and owner of RE/MAX Results and proprietor of the utterly charming Oak Street Hotel in Hood River, publishes a quarterly paper known as Gorge Living. Gorge Living features stories about residents, both long-time and new arrivals, as well as a calendar of events for the Oak Street Hotel (attend any of the "Porch Talks" there and enjoy learning something new!) and household hints and tips written by the RE/MAX agents themselves. I had the immense pleasure of working side by side with Denise as she interviewed the orchardists, Bill and "Tiny" Baskins and the Stewart brothers, Jim and Ron, in this Fall 2006 issue. All four of these men had one thing in common: their passion and enthusiasm for what they do. I gained a new appreciation for the fruit I put in my shopping cart and the families who choose the farmer's lifestyle. Many thanks to Denise for having me along as I had alot of fun and learned even more. I'm very excited at the prospect of continuing to contribute to future issues of Gorge Living.

But wait, there's more! See that pdf file at the top of this posting? Well, soon after Steve and I had settled into our new home, our favorite real estate agent, Louise McCulloch (please see previous post), dropped by to interview us for a story in the upcoming Fall issue. The resulting article features some of my portrait work and introduces me as a photographer to the community. It's awesome for a new business to receive this kind of exposure - I am very grateful to Denise and Louise for making this happen! (I'm sorry the file is so small, but you CAN read the article by picking up
Gorge Living at almost any retail store in Hood River - can't get to HR? If you REALLY want to read it, email me at and I'll email you the article!)


Paopao Wang said...
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Suzie said...

Hey, mail me a copy, or better yet, bring one with you
when you visit later this month!

Jonh Neo said...
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Maia said...

I loved the article! The Hood River community is lucky to have you!