Friday, June 15, 2007

Horsin' Around...

Wow, what a day! Drove all the way out to Newberg, to Five Star Farms out on Old Parrett Mountain Road - and of course the "geographically challenged one"" (that would be ME) got good and lost on the trip out! So nearly three hours after setting out from Hood River I arrived to find my new photographer buddy, Andy Ladick (of Perfectly Lit Photography in Camas, WA) busy with our lovely model, Angela, and Magic Surprise, one of her two horses...any distress I might have been feeling over getting lost and arriving late was immediately dissipated upon meeting Angela - I was taken with her warm smile and sparkling eyes - suddenly, all I could think of was getting my camera out of my bag as quickly as possible!

(Allow me to backtrack just a little: I met Andy online at when I posted there looking for advice on photographing horses; Andy provided a wealth of information and thus began an email correspondence that led to him putting today's session together in order to show me a thing or two about working with horses.)

We had a great time - the weather was perfect, the horses cooperated, and our lovely model displayed amazing stamina for several hours - she never lost that exuberant smile! Here are two of my favorite (so far) from the many images created today - I can't wait to really dig into the files and see what other treasures are there to be polished and brought to light!

Many thanks, again, to Andy and the charming Angela (and her mom, Wendy!) for making today an adventure that I will remember for a very long time...

(oh, and in case you were wondering, the other horse's name is Hot Cocoa!)