Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Flowers...

Been shooting alot of real estate lately, some truly beautiful properties (you can see them at - and in the process I do alot of walking around some gorgeous acreage...when the sun is shining and I'm surrounded by the beauty that is the Gorge, I simply cannot resist yielding to the siren call of the beautiful wildflowers blooming everywhere right now! I just wanted to share this image with you (all 6 of you who read this blog, lol!) - I don't even know what these vibrant daisies are called, but they are glorious, bringing the sunshine right down into the grass!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Every 3-4 years I like to shake things up by redecorating and I'm feeling it's definitely time for the studio to have a New Look! (maybe it's got something to do with Spring and the whole "renewal" thing...) I have a MAJOR redecorating scheme in mind which means that Photosensitive Portraits will be CLOSED for the first two weeks of May - this is a Big Change and I am Very Excited about it! Above is my inspiration for the look I'm working towards - dramatic, right?!! Once the dust has settled, the paint has dried and the furniture and drapes moved in, I'll be announcing a big ol' Grand Re-Opening party to christen the newly revisioned space - so be sure to check back for YOUR invitation to the shindig!

(oh, and anyone who's handy with a paint brush and would like to exchange a little labor for some session time, please feel free to give me a holler at!!!)