Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Postcard Happy!

Even though my "official" grand opening is months away, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy getting ready. Lately, I've been doing something I really enjoy, designing promotional pieces for the different products and services I will be offering. One of my favorite ways to introduce my work and also keep in touch with clients is to use postcards - I've finished two and have several more in the works. Both of these are oversized, 6"x9", for maximum impact.

The first one features some of my favorite headshots from last year - an actor, a director, a CEO, an interior designer, an actress, a real estate broker, a newlywed, an engineer (not necessarily in that order). I thorougly enjoy working with people, bringing out their very best for all the world to see. Now that I've done a business portrait for Louise, I've set my sights on the rest of Hood River's real estate professionals!

The second postcard features some of the work I've done for a couple of San Francisco artists, Denise Duffy (www.DeniseDuffy.com) and Elizabeth Jonasson (www.ElizabethJonasson.com). Photographing artwork is a challenge that is completely different from portrait photography - correct perspective and color accuracy are critical components when producing images that the artist will use to represent and promote his or her work. It's a nice change to work silently and slowly as opposed to my typically lively portrait sessions! I am currently working with the Columbia Center for the Arts to provide photography services for artists - I will announce more details about this very soon!