Sunday, February 08, 2009

Holy Cow, it's 2009 already?!!

I feel like I've lost the last two months of my life...where did they go?!

See, I traditionally close the business down in December and January, to better enjoy my own holiday season and also take that time to get things ready for the start of a New Year. Unfortunately, in early December I caught what I thought was just a bad cold - that cold continued to morph itself over the next six weeks until I finally collapsed with severe bronchitis and a throat infection! Ugh.

The good news is that I (finally!) dragged myself in to a doctor and was promptly medicated within an inch of my life. I'm on the mend, out of bed, walking, talking, heck even THINKING and getting a little bit of work done too! Sure is nice to have a clear head again...

Many thanks to all of you who called or wrote asking how I was - especially my good friends from Portland, Daron (a fine photographer) and his gorgeous fiance, Tara (both Daron's and my favorite model AND an amazing artist)...I was feeling good enough for company the day they visited and we all played with my brand new toy, a ringflash - that's Daron and Tara being goofy in the photos atop this blog entry.

More exciting new things coming from from Photosensitive Portraits in 2009! So watch this space!