Friday, December 08, 2006

My first snowfall in a long time!

Okay, the white stuff has been on the ground two weeks by now, but I am just getting around to playing with the images I snapped the first two days it fell...I know it sounds trite, but it WAS rather magical that first morning. I knew there was snow outside before I even got out of bed - I recognized that "hush" the world takes on when snow is falling and the light filtering into the room was nothing short of dazzling...I jumped up and peered through the blinds at a wonderland I hadn't seen the likes of in over 20 years! I was as giddy as a little kid - I ran out and built a snowman before breakfast - I stood in the yard and tried to catch snowflakes on my tongue - I threw myself down on the ground and made a snow angel (to the supreme enjoyment of my husband, who was sure I'd finally lost it!)...and then I grabbed a camera and took a few photos of the house and yard to send to my family back in Michigan (who can't believe I left California for a state where it snows) - here are a few of my faves, enjoy!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Bazaar Portraits

I kicked off December immersed in the spirit of Christmas! Spent a few hours on Friday, December 1st and Saturday, December 2nd creating family portraits at the Asbury United Methodist Church Annual Holiday Bazaar - made new friends (see the portraits shown above), ate FABULOUS desserts (genuine, old-fashioned creme puffs - to die for!), did a little Christmas shopping (beautiful jewelry made by artisans in Guatemala), and raised funds for a very worthy cause in the process.

All monies raised by Photosensitive Portraits that weekend will be donated to Los Amigos de Los Romeritos, an organization of volunteers who work to support the Los Romeritos Day Care Center in Guatemala City. Los Amigos was founded in 2003 by then-pastor of Asbury UMC, Larry Monk. This very special day care center was created by Jaime Marcia and Oregonian Meggan Parkinson as a safe shelter for some of the poorest street children in Guatemala City. For the last ten years, Los Romeritos has provided a safe harbor for these children, providing them not only shelter, but food, education and training.

Donations of any size are appreciated - the smallest amount can help to change a child's life.
$20 provides 2 nutritious meals a day for one child for a month
$50 provides a child's school uniform, books, supplies and school fees for a year
$100 provides school supplies and art materials for the entire center for a month
When you give your gift to Los Romeritos, your entire donation goes directly to Guatemala and the children of Los Romeritos.

You can learn more about this compassionate work by visiting - or you can contact Larry Monk at 503-657-5026.