Friday, September 01, 2006

Look Ma, I'm blogging!

I'm pretty excited - this is a brand new thing for me, "blogging." Yeah, for a photographer, I'm a bit techno-phobic (!), so with the help of a good friend holding my hand the whole way, ta-da, here it is, my very first blog, Light Reading.

I wasn't so sure about doing this at first - who would be interested in what's going on in MY head? Then I realized that through this medium, I could introduce myself to alot of new friends...see, I should tell you this right off, I'm new here. Not just to blogging, but new to Hood River, new to Oregon. Ok, not "new-new" since I've been vacationing here every summer for the last 18 years - but when my husband had the opportunity to retire this Spring, we made the big decision to follow our bliss and it brought us here to Hood River. So far, so fantastic!

We've been residents of Hood River a whole 2 months now - things are finally all unpacked and we're starting to settle into a comfortable rhythm. I'm converting the downstairs living room into a studio - there's still painting to do and draperies to be sewn. (I've ordered the most gorgeous copper-colored Dupioni silk! Can't wait for you to see it!) I hope to integrate myself slowly into my new community, so don't plan on opening my doors "officially" until Spring 2007 - then "watch this space!" because I've got a truly grand Grand Opening in mind!

Well, this is pretty good for a start - it is truly a pleasure to be here, like a dream come true! I'm looking forward to meeting you soon...