Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A lovely afternoon

One of the adventures in moving to a new place is meeting new people. It's a littler easier for me than for most, I admit - I'm a chatterbox, I'll talk to just about anybody who will listen! Well, I met a young woman a few weeks ago and in the course of conversation I told her I was a photographer (I tell EVERYONE that - can't help myself, I love being a photographer) and was looking for someone who would be my "guinea pig" (I think I used the word "model" actually). I explained I was working in a new space and needed someone to practice on - I promised it would be fun and that I would be happy to give her prints in exchange for sitting for me. Imagine my delight when she said yes!

And so the lovely Yasmin Acosta-Myers visited my studio about a week ago and boy howdy, did we have fun! These are are a few samples from our afternoon together - I am ecstatic over how well they turned out! Yasmin is a delight to work with - easy going, warm, fun-loving and photogenic as all get out - what more could a photographer ask for?!