Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Behind every successful Girl Scout is a caring and supportive Mother!

I've really enjoyed myself these past couple of months working with some remarkable young women - I even got to meet some of their equally remarkable Moms! Of course, I can NEVER pass up the opportunity for a parent/child portrait, so here are a couple of my favorites created over the course of the class. First on display is Desiree Mackintosh and her daughter, Sullivan - next is Sophie Whitehead and her daughter, Gabriella...thanks, ladies, for humoring me and letting me add to my "Mothers and Daughters" collection!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seaside Getaway

Spent a day and a night on the coast last week, just as the weather turned gloriously warm! (My darling husband's idea - a little "downtime" away from my computer.) Strolled the sandy beach in Seaside searching for sand dollars and just enjoying the cool ocean breeze and hot summer-like sun...wandered through antique shops and art galleries in both Seaside and Cannon Beach...ate yummy clam fritters at Mo's restaurant...sat on a bench and ooohhhed and aaahhhhhed over a gorgeous sunset...altogether a most relaxing and romantic getaway!

I hope you enjoy these snapshots I created as my mementos of a lovely time with my bestest man...