Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another Adorable Mini Session!

This theme will delight your little girl - a picnic in the woods with lots and lots of teddy bears! We've even got a couple of sweet dollies who'd love to join in. Dress your daughter (or grand-daughter!) in her favorite outfit or choose one of our custom-made dresses created just for the occasion. Don't forget to invite her own beloved teddy bear and/or dolly to the picnic as well! In addition to having a alot of fun, we'll also create wonderful portraits that you'll treasure long after your little girl has grown.

These mini sessions are affordably priced at only $55 and INCLUDE a mounted 8"x10" Art Print of your favorite pose!

Teddy Bears Picnic mini sessions are ONLY available from Monday, April 19th through Friday, April 30th. Book YOUR child's session ONLINE by going to:

Please note: These mini sessions are designed for ONE CHILD per session; however, with advance notice, a sibling or best friend may be added for
$20 per child.

Feel free to call me at 541-436-2755 if you have any questions!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preserving Memories

I recently had the opportunity to work with a lovely gal who has been tracking her family's genealogy - while digging into the past, she has uncovered a wealth of old family photos. Unfortunately, many images have suffered damage due to being improperly stored so she came to me for help in repairing them. While this kind of work isn't something I advertise, it IS something I really enjoy doing. I get a real thrill out of helping to bring the past back to life!

Here's just one sample: her own father's portrait from his days in the Navy - still a work in process (will eventually create an image without the handwritten note that she will then print and frame), but I'm proud of the work and so very happy to give her back this wonderful portrait of her father as a young man!

If you have priceless family photos that have been damaged, consider bringing them back to life through professional photo restoration. Our family photos are the touchstones of our personal history - your children and your children's children will be glad you did!