Saturday, September 13, 2008

Harvest Celebration

Autumn is in the air! The leaves on the maple in my side yard are turning a glorious crimson and as the evenings cool down, I'm rummaging for a sweater to wear on my nightly walks. Autumn has always been my favorite season - I find it invigorating and refreshing after the heat of summer. Then there's the whole Autumn Harvest thing, what with pears and apples coming into market...

Speaking of fall fruit, I've partnered with a Very Talented graphic designer who has created these fabulous old-fashioned fruit labels for me - they are available in apple, pear, cherries, far! If they prove as popular as I think, we're got more fruit labels in the wings! If there's something you think I simple MUST have, let me know and we'll get working on it! Where was I? Oh yeah, these fab Harvest Portraits would be amazing gifts for Grandma, look terrific in a country kitchen or even a family room - can't you just see YOUR child's face smiling out from one of these?! They look truly special when framed out in either rustic barnwood or distressed antique wood - did I mention I can frame them for you as well, in an assortment of designer colors and finishes?!

I'm so excited about these beautful graphics that I am offering them at a Very Special Price for a limited time - you've got from now until the end of October to book a session for your child (or children) and order these Harvest Portraits, then they're gone again until next Spring! Call me at 541-436-2755 for more details about this Special Offer. (Did I mention that I'm in the middle of a wonderful high school senior portrait season and that my available time is also very limited?! If you want these beautiful Harvest Portraits for YOUR kids, call today!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Great Night of Theatre!

I'm very excited to tell you about the upcoming production, Three One Act Plays, at CAST scheduled to open October 10th and run through October 25 - talk about an entertainment bargain! You can enjoy three wonderful one-act plays in a single evening - each play tugs at a different emotional to make you laugh, one to make you cry, and one to make you think. Find out more about the individual plays by checking out the theatre page on the Columbia Gorge Center for the Arts website.

I was privileged to be commissioned to create portraits for the actors, directors and production manager - I enjoy contributing to the local theatre this way and it keeps me from doing something drastic, like auditioning!

The directors are Judie Hanel, Richard Parker and Tom Penchoen. The actors working with them are Steve Daniels, David Fox, Marti Kontola, Jessica Metta, John Metta, Jack Trumbull and Gary Young. Keeping it all organized and running smoothly is Judith Poage, production manager.

Don't you deserve a night out? Call the babysitter and reserve your tickets for Three One Act Plays - and prepare for a great night of theatre!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just for fun!

At the end of a recent Senior Super Model session, Cecy's friends, Elizabeth (my other Senior Super Model) and Laura (all three BFFs), dropped in and pandemonium ensued! One at a time, each of these gals is a bundle of energy and vibrancy, but put all three in a studio together and it equals BIG TIME FUN! I, of course, felt compelled to document the silliness and we had a blast...which is what portrait photography is for me, a rollicking good time! Anytime I have a camera in my hands, I KNOW I'm gonna have a great time - and so will whoever I am working's just how I roll.

You want to have FUN with your senior portraits, don't you? If you do, I know a photographer who would LOVE to play along! (That would be ME, btw!) Give me a call at 541-436-2755 and we'll set a playdate!