Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just for fun!

At the end of a recent Senior Super Model session, Cecy's friends, Elizabeth (my other Senior Super Model) and Laura (all three BFFs), dropped in and pandemonium ensued! One at a time, each of these gals is a bundle of energy and vibrancy, but put all three in a studio together and it equals BIG TIME FUN! I, of course, felt compelled to document the silliness and we had a blast...which is what portrait photography is for me, a rollicking good time! Anytime I have a camera in my hands, I KNOW I'm gonna have a great time - and so will whoever I am working with...it's just how I roll.

You want to have FUN with your senior portraits, don't you? If you do, I know a photographer who would LOVE to play along! (That would be ME, btw!) Give me a call at 541-436-2755 and we'll set a playdate!

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