Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Hollywood Moment

Presenting my most recent attempt at recreating a little "Hollywood Magic!" I always enjoy experimenting with a new lighting technique - I get a thrill out of challenging myself to de-construct an image, figure out where lighting was placed, the how and the whys of it all and then attempt to duplicate it, finally adding it to my lighting repetoire. (Hey, I'm funny that way!) Lately I've been entranced by the work of the early Hollywood photographers, well-known names like George Hurrell and not-so-well known artists like Ruth Harriet Louise. Portrait artists like these were responsible for crafting the stars' public image, polishing it to a high gloss and holding it up for their fans to admire. These wonderful portraits are even more amazing considering the challenges of the equipment used at the time - hot tungsten lights and slow film emulsions meant an exposure measured in minutes rather than seconds! Every portrait was a well-thought out, planned production and that care and craftsmanship shines through in the evocative images created by these artists. I aspire to emulate these dedicated photographers and hope my commitment to craft shows through in every image I create, whether for myself or for my clients.

Looking for models...

I'm looking for models, male and female, to continue to refine my skills using this "look" - in exchange I offer some free prints and promise a fun time! If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me via email in the next couple of weeks. I want to mention that "youth" is NOT a requirement for modeling - I would be THRILLED to work with "mature" men or women for this particular look! If you've ever fantasized about being a Hollywood star, here's your chance to play...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Win a FREE headshot portrait session!

A popular business event, the 6th annual Small Business Showcase, is scheduled for Thursday, March 1, at Hood River Valley Adult Center, 2010 Sterling Place, next to Hood River Sports Club.

The event is organized by the Hood River Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, and is open to the public. "People love this event, because it lets them learn about the variety of goods and services available in this community," said Mike Doke, event chair. "For businesses, this is a great way for them to introduce themselves to the community."

Patterned after the Chamber's successful Business After Hours program, the Small Business Showcase is an opportunity for more than two-dozen businesses to promote themselves in a single location. Door prize drawings will conducted at the booth of each business. Catered refreshments will be provided.

Photosensitive Portraits will be there! Come on by the booth and say hello – don’t forget to drop your business card off and be eligible to win a FREE headshot portrait session!

Congratulations to Lindamay Woosley of John L. Scott Real Estate in Bingen, WA - Lindamay will soon have a brand new portrait to display on her website and business cards!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

High Key Fun!

Got together with a couple of photographer girlfriends recently and drove to Beaverton to welcome the talented Amie Stipech (who just moved from central California) - it's the first time so many of us got together at once and well, it was a party! Amie had a thriving wedding photography business back in California and will open her studio doors in Beaverton soon (if not already!), so take note all you brides who want the best!

Amie showed off the new house and we naturally congregated in her new daylight basement studio - sure, there were still a few piles of boxes here and there, but we set up a couple of lights and brought her three adorable kids onto the set and away we went. Those kids must have felt like rockstar models with 4 different photographers all calling their names and firing away! Here's what I think are my best images, one of each of Amie's adorable children, Micah, Ethan and Emma...