Sunday, February 25, 2007

High Key Fun!

Got together with a couple of photographer girlfriends recently and drove to Beaverton to welcome the talented Amie Stipech (who just moved from central California) - it's the first time so many of us got together at once and well, it was a party! Amie had a thriving wedding photography business back in California and will open her studio doors in Beaverton soon (if not already!), so take note all you brides who want the best!

Amie showed off the new house and we naturally congregated in her new daylight basement studio - sure, there were still a few piles of boxes here and there, but we set up a couple of lights and brought her three adorable kids onto the set and away we went. Those kids must have felt like rockstar models with 4 different photographers all calling their names and firing away! Here's what I think are my best images, one of each of Amie's adorable children, Micah, Ethan and Emma...

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