Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jumping for Joy!

What a great way to kick off a new season - a photographer friend brought a friend willing to play "Model For A Day" yesterday and we had a blast! She was just a little timid at first (as any sane person would be with two photographers pointing cameras at her), but soon relaxed and was up for almost anything - including jumping in 3 inch heels! I've got more great images from this session, but the "jump series" is my favorite - her face is so suffused with joy and fun, it makes me smile from ear to ear just looking at the photos!

I alluded to a collaboration with local Girl Scout troops in my last post, so let me explain: I will be teaching a Photography Class designed to earn each participating Girl Scout her Photography Badge (I think they call them "Interest Projects" now) over the course of the next two months (March and April) that culminates in a month-long public exhibition in May of the girls' photos; the venue will be the charming Garden Cafe (at Good News Gardening) in Hood River. Later this afternoon is my very first meeting with "my" Girl Scouts - this will be an Orientation meeting where we'll go over what they can expect from the classes over the next two months, iron out a schedule that accomodates as many girls as possible and get to know each other. I LOVE what I do and always enjoy sharing my passion for photography with whoever will sit still long enough to listen to me! Just a few more hours until they get to my studio, so I better go straighten things up after yesterday's session...