Friday, June 11, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Amongst the whirlwind of graduation ceremonies and parties last weekend, I had the chance to attend the dress rehearsal for the Columbia Gorge Dance Academy's Intermediate and Junior dancers. My good friend Kate's daughter and my Favorite Model, Keeley, was performing so I just HAD to be at the rehearsal!

Since I was on my way to a graduation ceremony, I had my camera gear with me and grabbed a few snapshots. Okay, here's where I 'fess up - I inadvertently had the camera settings all wrong for the venue and ended up with less than sharp images. (I'd like to blame the fact that I was seriously under-caffienated for 9 a.m., but that's a pretty lame excuse!) However, upon reviewing my less-than-sharp results, I was still struck by Keeley's poise and attitude in the images I managed to capture. Next thing you know, out comes the digital toolbox and voila, a sow's ear has been turned into a silk purse through the magic of technology! (aka digital painting...)

I've watched Keeley grow up before my eyes and can see the lovely young woman she will become when I look at this image. I'm quite in love with it and though there's still some refining to do, I'm looking forward to printing it as a 16x20 watercolor art print for my studio. Kate loves it too, so will be getting one as well - what better art could you want on your walls than your own fabulous kids?!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Never Ending Studio Remodel...

I should have expected this. After all, I've seen every single remodeling/decorating show on HGTV for the last 5 years! *sigh* Any remodel ALWAYS takes longer (and costs more) than you think it will. *another sigh* I am an impatient type - after living with the vision in my head for some time now, I want, no EXPECT it to just happen, as in "Poof! It's all done!" Ha. Welcome to reality, my dear...

Okay, now that I've whined about it a little (ok, ALOT), let me just say that things ARE coming together finally and you can expect some kind of grand reveal in a week (or so, lol)! Back ordered bits are on their way, found a source for the electrical thingie I needed, additional paint purchased, etcetera...I promise, you're gonna LOVE IT when it's finished!

I would be remiss BIG TIME if I neglected to thank everyone who has helped me make this transformation a reality: first in line is my darling husband, Steve, for without his practical mind and technical expertise nothing would have happened! Second is my UBER-FABULOUS intern, Claudia (HRVHS Class of 2011!), who not only volunteers HER time, but brings along helpful friends! Many many thanks to Bryce, Johanna and Johnny for helping out! (that's them you see in the photo, giddy from paint fumes and Domino's pizza - don't you just LOVE the wall color behind them?! Also pictured is my chandelier which arrived the other day!) Third but certainly not last or least, is my dear friend, Tammy Kravitz, a woman of impeccable taste (and a fab photographer!) who has helped me in the myriad of choices I have had to make - you are PRICELESS, dahling!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Graduation Party Fun!

Boy, did I eat ALOT of really tasty food yesterday, lol! I attended my intern Miguel's graduation ceremony at Columbia High School in White Salmon at the morning and the grad party in the early afternoon. Then I skipped on down to Mt. Hood Town Hall for a grad party celebrating several fabulous HRVHS grads, Ely, Tania, Lorena, Nubia and a couple more whose names I missed, I'm so sorry! (it seems like all the gals were wearing the most outrageous, gorgeous SHOES!) Being "off duty," I only had my little point and shoot with me AND my newest toy, a Flip HD video's some snaps and vid for your amusement!

Many many thanks to the parents who hosted these events - I thoroughly enjoyed myself (and went home stuffed to my eyeballs with good food, yummy!) it was sheer delight to watch the giddy joy of the new graduates one more time - best wishes for a fantastic summer!