Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Postcard Happy!

Even though my "official" grand opening is months away, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy getting ready. Lately, I've been doing something I really enjoy, designing promotional pieces for the different products and services I will be offering. One of my favorite ways to introduce my work and also keep in touch with clients is to use postcards - I've finished two and have several more in the works. Both of these are oversized, 6"x9", for maximum impact.

The first one features some of my favorite headshots from last year - an actor, a director, a CEO, an interior designer, an actress, a real estate broker, a newlywed, an engineer (not necessarily in that order). I thorougly enjoy working with people, bringing out their very best for all the world to see. Now that I've done a business portrait for Louise, I've set my sights on the rest of Hood River's real estate professionals!

The second postcard features some of the work I've done for a couple of San Francisco artists, Denise Duffy (www.DeniseDuffy.com) and Elizabeth Jonasson (www.ElizabethJonasson.com). Photographing artwork is a challenge that is completely different from portrait photography - correct perspective and color accuracy are critical components when producing images that the artist will use to represent and promote his or her work. It's a nice change to work silently and slowly as opposed to my typically lively portrait sessions! I am currently working with the Columbia Center for the Arts to provide photography services for artists - I will announce more details about this very soon!


Suzie said...

Those postcards are fabulous, Denise! You sure are
a talented one!

Suzie said...
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Maia said...

Wow! You have been really prolific on this blog lately. That will teach me to not check in regularly. I love all of the photos and commentaries that have been added! It was great to see Denise's work too. Looks like you are finding things to shoot in Hood River and having lots of fun at the same time - way to go!