Thursday, October 19, 2006

Been pretty busy lately: painted the studio walls a creamy latte color - dear husband installed a ceiling track system for my backdrops (I arranged them all by color and now it looks like a rainbow in my studio!) - traveled into Portland and was overwhelmed by choices at Fabric Depot, but finally decided on a gorgeous silk in a rich merlot color for studio drapes (the copper silk I had ordered has been out of stock for so long, I just got tired of waiting!) - got not one, but TWO new software programs to study over the winter months (but that's a story for a whole seperate post!)...

AND I met with the talented Dee Holzman, creator and webmaster of, a resource site for parents in the Columbia Gorge area - the site features events and classes for kids and their parents from White Salmon to The Dalles and throughout Hood River county...she also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter with updates - you can sign up to receive the newsletter, as well as coupons from local merchants, by going to the website (you can find a link on the sidebar to the right). I discovered just about a year ago, while doing a little market research on Hood River - I was excited right away by the prospect of working with such a service-oriented site for parents. I have actually been emailing Dee for seveal months prior to moving to Hood River, so it was a real pleasure to finally met her in person! We talked about Hood River, kids, and the potential for Photosensitive Portraits to become a sponsor of this invaluable resource for parents in the Gorge. To quote a favorite old movie, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Got kids? Then get to - and look for the Photosensitive Portraits ad (see sample ad above) that appears in the upper right hand corner of the website!

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