Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sugar and Spice

and everything nice, that's what THIS little girl is made of! finally, I got a little girl in the studio to wear one of my tutus! (wait, not MY tutu as in "I wear tutus" - I mean my tutu as in "I've been making tutus in different colors and waiting for a little girl to wear them"...)

This sweet little charmer was one easy-going baby - she must get it from her mom, who was Very Patient with a photographer who has not had alot of experience working with babies! I learned alot from these two that day: how to baby-proof a studio, what makes babies smile, postcards are tasty (this last bit of info I surmised from all the little teethmarks found on one of my promo postcards!)...and I had a wonderful time in the bargain!

Here are my four favorites from the session; the last was actually created once we had called it quits - Mom lay on her back and reached out for her little girl and I couldn't resist "just one more!"

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