Monday, January 09, 2012

A Star is Born 

In the midst of a senior studio session last year, I noticed Christina's little sister was mimicking her big sister's moves and poses - so I asked her to get in front of the camera for a shot and it was just too cute! (first photo) At the end of the session, I asked Christina's mom if she would consider bringing little sister back to the studio for a short modeling session and was thrilled when she readily agreed...

The modeling session was a huge success and so much fun! Little "Yoshi" was on fire, donning wigs (brought by big sister) and rocking out to the music blasting on the stereo! (We also managed a few calmer moments producing equally wonderful images.) After posting a couple of the images on Facebook, little "Yoshi" has been compared to Lady Gaga and dubbed a "mini Nicki Minaj", lol!

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