Sunday, February 27, 2011

My, how time flies!

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing my friend and favorite model, Cecy, the other other day - ESPECIALLY since she had her baby girl, Lali, with her! We caught up over coffee and made plans for Lali's upcoming 9 month old portrait session (this coming weekend, wheeeee!). 

After they had left, I got to thinking about how quickly life changes - maybe it's because I just had a birthday, or maybe because I was recalling Cecy's maternity session and Lali's first session.  Babies grow and change so quickly, especially that very first year, and every year of our life holds any number of milestones worth commemorating.  Portraits are a wonderful way to relive those moments and savor their joy all over again!  

The images accompanying this post are from Cecy's maternity sessions and Lali's 1 month old session...enjoy!

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