Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sharing the love...

I was recently approached by an enterprising member of the HRVHS Class of 2011 and asked if I would be willing to school her in photography skills, specifically portraiture - well you KNOW I said yes - sharing my passion for photography and especially great portraiture is the most fun I can think of! Once a week Claudia visits my studio for instruction and a critique of her work - she is an amazingly quick study and well on her way, creating true portraits and not mere snapshots.

Last week our session was held in the studio rather than outdoors and Claudia brought along her friend and favorite model, Bryce - who was easily the most patient guy I've ever met as he allowed us to turn him this way and that, chin up, chin down, no no no, more this way, thanks and hold it! I couldn't resist creating a portrait myself - as you can see he's a very photogenic fellow - as well as grabbing a shot of my fabulous student and her model together...thanks for being the highlight of my day, you two! It was a blast - I'm going to be sorry when school ends for the summer 'cuz I'm really going to miss our weekly get-togethers!

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