Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sneak Peek at January's Promo!

The day before I ended up in the hospital, I enjoyed a wonderful day in the studio with 2 photographer friends from Portland, Daron Gildow of Laughing Coyote Photography and Steve Hunt of NorthWest Rebel Photography, and a couple of my favorite models, Cecy and Keeley. I remember thinking the whole week I lay around that hospital, "Dang, I haven't even gotten to review those images! I just KNOW there is some good stuff in there!" Well, it took a little while before I felt comfortable sitting up at my computer, but I've finally gotten the chance to look over those images and by george, I was right, there IS some gold to be mined there! I'm reserving the images of Cecy for another website (to be announced soon!), but happily share my top three favorites of Keeley here with you...look for these images (and others) promoting my upcoming January Special, Pretty in Pink!!!

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