Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

(Well, we're not really into those days yet - traditionally the "dog days of summer" are late August - but I couldn't think of a better title for this blog post!)

I was doing a little digital house-cleaning, backing some image files, when I ran across these dog images. I photographed them as a learning experience, since I have not photographed very many pets, at least not as a solo portrait. The owners of these fine dogs (all of them sweet and good-natured animals, well-behaved in the studio, too!) all volunteered their time to let me create these portraits - and I'm afraid I fell down on my part of the bargain. Life got busy and I let the files get shuffled to the back burner - until now, when they've resurfaced. I owe these generous pet owners some prints and want to state publicly that I will contact them asap and follow through!

I had a GREAT time working with both owners and their dogs - because of their assistance, I am developing a pet-themed fundraiser this year for PROD (Promoting Responsible Ownership of Dogs). PROD is a small, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that serves the Columbia River Gorge communities. Their programs, which have been in operation since 1996, are made possible solely through the support of local donors and foundation grants. Over the years, PROD has helped spay/neuter more than 4,800 animals, made possible the adoption of hundreds of stray and owner-released animals, and helped educated countless children and adults on responsible pet ownership.

(So be on the lookout for an announcement in the next month or so - I'm targeting late September for this fundraiser, when everyone's back from vacation and back in school!)

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