Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wahclella Falls

Went hiking with Kate, one of my favorite people in the world, this morning - you know I love her 'cuz I got up before 8am to go! (me, not so much the early morning person...) She suggested the short but beautiful Wahclella Falls trail (Bonneville Dam exit off 84 for you local readers) and I realized I hadn't visited those particular falls in over ten years, so I was in...

Took my little point and shoot and tried to convey just how magical a morning it was - the trees and small creek conspired to keep us cool and the filtered sunlight caused the leaves and ferns to glow...

However, my FAVORITE shot from the hike was taken by Kate! When I first walked up to the waterfall, I reached out my arms to embrace the cool mist and I could hear Kate in back of me yelling, "Gimme your camera - I want to take that picture!" How could I not give in, despite my instinct to hide whenever someone points a camera at me?! (a common affliction amongst photographers, btw...)

So thank you, Kate, not only for a lovely start to my day, but my favorite photo of me in a Very Very Long Time!

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Amy said...

L O V E that shot of you in front of the waterfall! :D