Friday, April 03, 2009

Puppy Update

t's been 3 months since I last took my adorable puppy's portrait! (right about the same time I got sick AND lost/misplaced my much-loved point and shoot camera...) So last week, almost exactly 8 months from the day she was born, I attempted to create more portraits of my precious Sofie. These are the two best from that brief session - I say 'brief' because, well, have YOU ever tried to take a formal photo of an Airedale?!! it ain't easy, lemme tell ya... I'm having the close-up shot printed as a 16" x 20" gallery wrap for my office! C'mon, admit it - ain't that the cutest face you've seen in a long time?!!

1 comment:

Linda S. said...

Sophie is TOO CUTE! Treasure would love to play with her! And I nominated you for a Lemonade Award!