Monday, March 09, 2009

Feels like comin' home...

Like so many others this winter, I have been laid low with "the cold that won't go away" - you know, the one that morphs into something even nastier every time you think you're FINALLY starting to get better?!! Knock on wood, I think I finally have it beat this last Saturday I doubled up on my Vitamin C and got ready for my first real portrait session in two months. I admit to being a little nervous, but once that camera was in my hands it all came back to me in a rush - it felt like coming home.

What an afternoon it was - I had the pleasure of working with Stella, THE most adorable 6 month old little girl, who had the temperment of a Buddhist monk and the smile of an angel! And her parents, Cari and Rory, who were uber-cool and so much fun...days like this, I just LOVE my job! Stella performed like a seasoned model as we put her in one outfit after another and a myriad of set changes - I've never been able to create so much variety from one 6 month old portrait session ever!

I seem to be using ALOT of exclamation points, but you would understand WHY if you'd been there - better yet, if you could see the final images! Oh wait, this is the internet, I can SHARE a few of Stella's amazing images with you - that's her up there; ain't she just the sweetest little bean?!!

I don't want to forget this part: Stella's mom, Cari, designs the most wonderful jewelry - please check out her website at to see her fabulous designs for yourself!

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