Monday, October 06, 2008

She's Here, She's Home!

On Saturday, October 4th I officially became a "Puppy Mom"! My husband and I drove out to Morning Star Airedales in Carson, WA and picked up our new bundle of joy from breeder Susan York! We have christened her "Sofie" and she is the light of my life at the moment! Saturday afternoon was spent playing in the yard and getting to know each other a little better. I learned that a stout stick is a waaaay better toy than anything you can buy at the store and Sofie learned that a parrot can make a heck of a racket when faced with a young puppy!

Sunday was a Big Day also as I took Sofie on her first loooong car ride to visit my friend and fellow photographer, Tammy Kravitz of Studio K Portraits, in Camas, WA for the exxpress purpose of having Tammy create a portrait of me and my new love. We had a great time - Sofie got to play with Tammy's two dogs, Wendy and Mopsie, Tammy and I had a wonderful time working together (we always do!) trying to coax Sofie into position for her portrait...I've posted my favorite here - isn't she beautiful?! (Spoken like a truly besotted Puppy Mommy!) Yeah, I know, there's no photo of me with Sofie up there - yet. That's cuz I insisted on doing a "bit" of retouching to it first before posting! Sofie, of course, needs no retouching since she is gorgeous just the way she is!

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