Monday, September 22, 2008


Oh my gosh, I am sooooo excited! Last Christmas, my dear husband FINALLY caved in and agreed to my pleas for a puppy - ALOT of research later, we decided upon an Airedale, well-known for their intelligence, sense of humor, courage, faithfulness, and playfulness. Several months ago, after much searching, I located a breeder of Airedales and to my delight she lived close by, in Carson, WA (Susan York of Morning Star Airedales) and better yet, was expecting a litter to be born in late summer. I visited the pups when they were only 2.5 weeks old, just furry little jellybeans and it was love at first sight!

Work has been so busy, I hadn't had a chance to get back out to Carson until yesterday. Susan graciously gave up her afternoon to let me visit and play with the puppies! THIS time I remembered to charge the battery in my little point and shoot camera so I could take a few photos home with me. Pictured here is My Precious (which is what I'm calling her for now since I simply CANNOT decide on a name! Feel free to offer suggestions) and her mom, Holly - aren't they both beautiful?!

I get to take My Precious home at the end of the month and I'm busily prepping my home and studio, making things as "puppy-proof" as I can - I can't wait to introduce her to you when you come by the studio!

(oh, and by the way - Susan has 3 male puppies still looking for loving owners! If you are interested, give me a call at 541-436-2755 and I'll pass on her contact information.)

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