Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tutu Too Much!

Had a lovely visit the other day with Julie, a new friend who's just getting into portrait photography - she was accompanied by her beautiful 11 month old daughter who we just HAD to have as a model, don't ya know?! I've had this tutu for a little while now and have been dying to photograph some little girl in it and darling Jenna here was a perfect fit! We created some very nice portraits (many thanks to the baby photographer's "secret weapon," the Grandmother! thanks for coming along with Julie, Joan! you were an invaluable assistant!), got to know each other a little better and had alot of fun in the process...

If YOU'VE got a daughter who you think would look cute in a tutu, give me a call and let's create an adorable portrait for YOU!

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Amy said...

What a doll! Outstanding usual!