Monday, May 26, 2008

Good times in the Garden!

Sometimes a girl's just got to PLAY...sometimes a girl's just got to put down the big ol' camera and have some fun with a little point and shoot...all you have to do to get inspired these days is to step outside - and one of the BEST places to be outside is at Good News Gardening on Tucker Road in Hood River! In between talking with guests at Saturday's "Meet the Artists" reception for the Girl Scouts, I wandered amongst the immense variety of plants on display and snapped away to my heart's content...we enjoyed fabulous weather, wonderful food (courtesy of the Hood River Hotel) and camraderie - all in all, a "picture perfect" afternoon! For more photos of the afternoon reception, please visit the Girl Scout's blog at - and don't forget, their photo exhibit is on display at the Garden Cafe until the end of May!

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