Sunday, March 09, 2008

SPRING is in the air!

...along with a couple of Girl Scouts! I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I've been asking almost everyone who gets in front of my lens these days to JUMP FOR JOY!

Today was the third get-together with the Gorge Girl Scouts who I am currently helping earn their Photography badge and we had glorious weather for a change, bright and sunny - a perfect day to go outdoors and explore the difference between (say it with me, girls!) Direct, Indirect and Diffused lighting. The girls paired up and created portraits of each other using all 3 different kinds of light - they learned the very best light for an outdoor portrait, but also how to create a great portrait in whatever light you find yourself in. Afterwards, since I still had my high key background set up in the studio from a previous client session, I took what little time we had left and snapped a headshot of each girl - and couldn't resist adding to my Jump For Joy series! (I even got the troop leader into the act!)

This is such a wonderful group of young women - intelligent, animated and sparkling with personality - it IS a real joy for me to be around them and a real privilege to work with them. I'm sooo looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we work closer to our final goal - a group exhibition of their photo project (subject to be announced - watch this space!) during the month of May at the Garden Cafe (at Good News Gardening) in Hood River.

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Tamara Kravitz said...

Denise these look so fun! Those girl scouts look like a really fun bunch of girls!

I bet they have been having a great time with you! I always do!