Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pretty, pretty lights!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is decorating with lights - what can I say, I got a "thing" for light! Probably 'cuz it was awhile before my parents figured out I needed glasses (I'm near-sighted), and the out-of-focus lights on the Christmas tree thoroughly enchanted me - I thought they were suppose to look that way! (Street lights at night were also pretty cool...) So I just can't resist playing around a little - here's my take on our Christmas tree this year, taken with my latest toy, a little p&s Fuji F10, a pretty neat camera with a tack sharp 10mm lens - to create your own light show, just set your ISO as low as it will go, turn off the flash, then move your camera (up & down, spin it, swirl it, go wild!) as you depress the shutter will take a few tries before you develop a little control, but it's the unpredicability of the final image that is the most fun! Merry merry Everyone!

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